People and Culture

Culture of KeralaThe first settlers were the Proto-South Dravidans. Having since been influenced by many different dynasties and rules, Kerala is now represented by numerous ethnic and racial groups. Though the majority population is of Malayali ethnicity, there are those of Jewish and Arab elements, both in culture and ancestry. Malayalam is the official language, Tamil and Adivasi languages are spoken by the ethnic minority groups. English is widely spoken.

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Keralan society is less patriarchal than other parts of the country; some Hindu communities like the Nairs, Ezhavas and certain Muslims around Kannur follow a matrilineal system known as the Marumakkathayam.

People generally tend to follow a joint family pattern, living under the guidance and authority of the eldest member.

Kerala has its own Malayam calendar around which, agricultural and religious activities are planned.

Being tropical in nature, the summer and winter temperatures do not vary much. The winter temperatures range between 22 - 32C, whereas summer temperature swings between 24C and 34C. The mean annual temperature in the lowlands is 25C-27 and 20-22C in the coastal lowlands.

The best time to visit would be during the winter months between November to February when the humidity level is likely to be low and never too cold.

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