Spiritual Treatments

Spiritual Treatments, KeralaYoga has its origin in the Sanskrit word ?yuj?; it means union. It seeks to unite the individual self ?Jiva? with the universal self ?Brahman?, or the union of the finite self (the physical body) to the infinite self (the inner self, the higher self or spiritual self). Yoga is therefore, the spiritual path one takes to attain this goal through the path of hygiene, ethical regulation and moral self-control. Once these parameters are observed and a person achieves control over his mind, there is harmony of the mind and spirit and an awakening of a new consciousness, and a union with God. Yoga in itself is not a religion nor does it claim to be, but it is just a vehicle to unite one?s individual consciousness and the Universal consciousness. The various disciplines and methods of yoga will teach one how the body works, how to breathe properly, how to use all these techniques to understand, relate and use the mind to attain that state of consciousness, which unites one with the divine.

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