Diseases and Treatments

Diseases and TreatmentsAccording to Ayurveda, every person has a combination of three humours or ?doshas? and is healthy so long as they are balanced. The three doshas being -

Vata - which represents the elements of space and air, and controls the heart, breathing and the mind.

Pitta - which represents the elements of fire and water, and controls hormones and the digestive system, and

Kapha - which represents the combined elements of water and earth, and develops strength and immunity.

An imbalance of these three doshas, brought about by factors like unhealthy diet and habit, and stressful lifestyles, is what causes diseases.

Diagnosis is done by first determining the patient?s primary doshas. This is done by a three-fold process of Darshan or observation, Sparshan or touching, and Prashna or interrogation. Diagnosis is not the easiest thing as no one question will have the same answer or the same symptom, as each person?s balance of doshas will be different and unique. It is a very elaborate process as it takes into account both the patient and the disease. This explains why Ayurvedic treatment is very individualistic, and one medicine found to be good for one person might not work for another, unlike allopathic practice where a medicine is prescribed for the disease only. With ayurveda, is not possible to diagnose a condition and generalize a solution to suit all. Diagnosis is deduced only after complete analysis of the person and the stage of the disease.

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The basic principle of Ayurvedic treatment is to get rid of disease causing factors. The treatment involves medication, massage, and elimination of impurities through Panchakarma.Medication can be administered orally, applied on the body or inhaled as smoke. Massage facilitates blood circulation, relieves body pain, and removes disorders.

Panchakarma is a detoxification process, and Rasayana chikitsa is rejuvenation therapy aimed at youthfulness. Ayurvedic treatment prescribes a treatment and diet unique to each patient. The treatment over, balance of the body system is maintained and health regained.

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