Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurvedic MedicinesAccording to ayurveda, most vegetable, animal and minerals have medicinal value. These medicinal properties have been recorded over the years by practitioners and have been used over the centuries. Ayurvedic literature such as Charaka, Sushruta, Vagabhatta, Bhav Mishra and Shaligram have documented these medicinal compositions.

This is a medicine prepared from fermented medicinal herbs. While eliminating toxic waste from the body, it enhances the digestive system and increases appetite.

The difference of Asavam from Arishtam is that Asavam is prepared from fresh herbs whereas Arishtam from the essence of herbs. Arishtam and Asavam is used for treating asthme, anemia, certain heart disorders, rheumatism, insomnia, depression, numbness and arthritis.

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Ghritham literally means medicated ghee and is a cow-ghee based decoction prescribed to treat and prevent ulcers, and restore physical strength and vigor.

This is a herbal extract in the form of a jam used for the sure of respiratory and digestive disorders, and as a general body tonic.

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This is the commonest type of Ayurvedic medicine and is a herbal decoction made by several hours of boiling at a specific heat. They may be as simple as a herbal tea or as complex as a 30 -100 combination decoction. Most Kashaya are internally administered.

Choornam is a herbal powder. The powder form of medicine stays stores well for a long period without the use of preservatives.

Literally meaning pills, these are ayurvedic pills meant for long term storage.

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This is an ayurvedic massage oil, the massage with which helps the blood the absorb the contents of the Thaila, or oil and cure the injury.

Kuzhampu or ointment are similar to Thaila, just thicker in appearance and are used mainly for injuries resulting from sports.

This is a rejuvenating therapy known to prevent ageing, and improve health and immunity.

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